There may be many combinations of investments available which could be expected to provide a particular income or growth result in line with your requirements. However, investment of any kind has some element of risk, ranging from the low risk deposits in normal bank accounts to well known high risk ventures such as gold and pork belly futures.

Remember that often investments that achieve high real rates of return are those which involve the investor in the highest element of risk or volatility of return.

Diversifying across a number of different investment types is the best way to minimise risk while also taking advantage of the high growth investment opportunities.

All investment strategies therefore should be formed with these aspects in mind - what balance between the various investment types provides the desired investment outcome and what level of risk are you comfortable with in achieving your investment objectives?

What are your investment goals? How much risk are you comfortable with? Are you investing for the long term, or just for a few years? Do you want your investments to create income, or to grow for your retirement?

All these things determine your investment profile - what sort of investor you are and what investments will meet your needs. This calculator will help you find out your investment profile. You can then find the funds that will suit your profile.

Risk / Reward Relationship


  • Maintenance of real value
  • Selection of risk tolerance
  • Balanced and diversified
  • NZ and overseas
  • Regular contributions and or lump sum
  • Dollar cost averaging - best for volatile markets, shares or property
  • Compound interest - start early as possible, patience and time
  • Ability to change funds or cover several funds - diversify.
  • Low fees, and good net returns over time
  • Registered with government- managed by a trust
  • Not locked in- available in emergency
  • Regular reports and reviews