Retirement planning

Retirement planning is something we all need to do, regularly. Why, because we may need to support ourselves during our retirement years, and the sooner you start, the more you can have to live on. Yes, we should all still get NZ Superannuation, but this will only provide for the basics (see below).

Simple questions that need to be answered?
  •  What is your desired after tax annual income?
  • Are you prepared to use capital as well as income from your investments to fund your retirement?
  • How many years do you anticipate you will receive these payments for?
  • Do you want to assume that NZ Superannuation will still be available with similar benefits in your retirement?
  • What sum of money do you wish to pass to your heirs or charity to keep available as a safety buffer?
  • Do you require regular income from your investments?
  • If so, how much and how often?
New Zealand Superannuation

Can you retire on the sums (as at April 2015) provided below:

NZ Superannuation Annually*, Weekly* (after tax)
Couple (both partners qualify) $29,962 $576.20
Couple (one partner qualifies) $28477.28 $547.64
Married Person $144,981, $288.10
Single (living alone) $19,476 $374.53
Single (sharing) $17,977 $345.72

* Taxed at M, net rates. Source: Ministry of Social Development.

These figures are intended as a guide only. If you want to know more about the level of NZ Super payment you would be entitled to, see Work and Income at

You qualify for NZ Super if you meet the following criteria:
  1. Have reached the age 65 (current retirement age)
  2. You are NZ or permanent resident
  3. Live in NZ
  4. You Have lived in NZ for 10 yrs since age 20 or have lived in NZ for 5 yrs since age 50

If you do not meet theat criteria and you have not joined KiwiSaver or another savings scheme, we strongly suggest you consider start saving now.

This Retirement Calculator will assist you in working out how much you need to save achieve your retirement goals?

The Golden Rules for Planning Retirement Savings are:

• Start as Early as you Can - the money you save has longer to grow with the interest it earns.
• Invest your Savings Wisely - a good fund manager can make a big difference.
• Choose a Cost Effective Savings Vehicle - check all of the options and fees.
• Choose a Flexible Savings Vehicle - as your circumstances change, you need a savings vehicle that can change with you.

Fortunately KiwiSaver meets most of the above rules, except it is locked-in and is therefore not accessible before retirement age. We recommend that you also maintain savings which are not locked-in for short and medium term goals and emergencies. If you would like further information on suitable investments - contact us.

Regular Reviews

We recommend that you conduct a regular review of your retirement plan annually and/or as circumstances change. This could include:
•Buying a first home
•The birth of a child
•Starting a new job - if making employee contributions - tell your new employer.
•Buying or starting a business
•Marriage or divorce
•Nearing retirement
•Emigration, or major illness

Your review could include re-entering your information into the Retirement Calculator, online Profiler and checking Fund Performance. If you need assistance or advice - contact us.

Good sites that you can also use for your review are and