Who are we?

Costello Financial Services, (CFS) was initially founded 1970, and it has since grown to serve thousands of satisfied clients. CFS has also broadened its preferred suppliers and therefore provides an extended product range to meet the needs of personal and business in the primary areas of insurance, investment and mortgages. For further information - see

While the majority of clients are located in New Zealand, modern communications enable the successful servicing of needs for an increasing number of New Zealanders overseas. CFS uses the best technology to service its clients including the internet since 1998 - see

Since early 2006, CFS have designed and launched two popular sites and and which enable visitors to get instant quotes, compare and apply online for a range of insurance products.  We also have a general website which gives general guidance on all our products such as investments and a large range of insurances.

This site is an extension of this service and specifically addresses KiwiSaver, investments and the retirement needs of New Zealanders.

We have examined and have been actively involved in supporting the drafting and introduction of the KiwiSaver scheme since early 2006, and initially chose to support another scheme on this site. We found that the service and administrative support provided both to ourselves and our customers was late, inadequate and unsatisfactory.

Contact us at the number below or email if you wish us to help you choose and setup a scheme.